Joining the dots

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Do you ever have those little moments where something someone said connects to something you see someone else do, which reminds you of something you read somewhere earlier in the day? And bingo the neurons fire. A new thought.  Like  hearing a word for the first time, then it pops up on every billboard that flashes past you on the bus. Was it everywhere before but you never knew about it? Well, now I’ve decided to write about those moments I have. Join those dots. Here.

Free styling writer. Contributing my commentary to, and view point of, the world via a blog on this site. I hope you enjoy.

Emtere is seeking new inspiration and a world of creativity and solutions to global issues.

This is my space to offer my perspective without the shackles of a job, nor the ties of someone else’s view point.

When things come up that make me think I will try and join the dots for you in my blog.  Hopefully they plant dots for you too.

Why tere?


  • tere

    1. (stative) be quick, swift, fast.
    2. (stative) quickly, swiftly, rapidly.
    3. (noun) speed, swiftness, velocity, alacrity, tempo, quickness, rapidity, promptness.
    4. (stative) quickly – sometimes used before another base, usually a verb.

  • tere

    (loan) (noun) cherry.

  • tere

    1. (verb) to float, drift, swim, flow, glide.
    2. (verb) to travel, sail.

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