19 July: Half way

Half way to Greenland and halfway through the expedition. Day 7 crossing the Labrador Sea and Davis Strait. The crossing is calm and clear, distant icebergs on the horizon play tricks on the mind, with a hazy mirage inverting them upside down. It seems the sky is a big blue mouth today with the odd white triangle canine dropping down. The odd whale spouts hello at the surface and Northern Fulmar birds call in and out of our marine mammal and bird survey that we’re conducting along the way.

The first seven days have seen us snorkeling in ice with our scooters. Yesterday’s conditions idyliic with calm seas, warm skies and ice floating past us. It can still be dangerous though, with the local park rangers calling by the boat and informing us of the Polar Bears they’d recently spotted.  While it was ideal training for our team, for me it didn’t go so well yesterday. I was being filmed near the boat when I felt a shot of cold to my inner thigh and then a large pang of icy water to my crotch. The pee valve attached to my suit, which is essentially redundant because it is not attached to me, must have been knocked and come lose. Suddenly cold water was inside my dry suit, potentially a dangerous situation. I aborted the snorkel and headed back to the mother ship to undress and warm up. It was a cold reminder that things can easily go wrong up here and at 1.2 degrees you don’t want to mess with this water.

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