The next adventure begins…

I’ve been accepted to go on a somewhat crazy expedition to snorkel the Arctic (not Antarctica) this July, combining my sense of adventure with my passion for the ocean and awareness raising of the impacts of climate change. That’s right, between the towering walls of blue glaciers, 10 women will snorkel through the Arctic in a grueling feat of stamina and determination. And I’m honoured to be one of them….

Here’s a link to the Sunday Star Times article:

I’m frantically fundraising to get myself there (hence silent on the blog front). If you feel like donating or know anyone that might like to here’s my donation website:

I recently launched this and within 3 days already had $2,500 donated! Now I’m up to $5,000. However, there is still a long way to go to reach my expedition fundraising goal of $20,000 NZD, which will secure my place in the team for the next 2.5 years, culminating in 2016 when we snorkel the North West Passage – all 3,000km of it!

I hope you can follow my journey over the coming months, in the build up to 2016, and all that flows from this. I’m posting updates through this blog so you’ll start to see the expedition unfold this July onwards….

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