The power of we: What we don’t know…

We’ve got the power to achieve so much. We just have to get started. So how about the start point being what we don’t know? We seem to obsess so much within our own thought patterns on what we do know (I’m a social worker: I know about people, I’m a runner: I know about my body, I’m a policy maker on economics: I know about that…each person times 7 billion) but in order to really break down the barriers between people and communicate, on multiple levels, and to harness the power of we, we have to first work out what we don’t know ourselves. Then we can open up to see not only what others do know (their world view, their history, their thoughts, their education, their doctrines, their religion) but also to see how we can fit together in order to create a greater sum of the parts and truly start to explore the power of we. If we look at nature and learn from how ecosystems work together we can see that each little component has it’s own role but the sum of the parts is greater (The Umwelt Theory and many more on interconnections), which is the sort of fantastic idea we need in order to create a greater human consciousness to make effective change. So on an individual level, what do we need to do? Discover our limits. We must explore our boundaries in the context of those around us (at home, at work, at school, between organisations we are working with), and then break them down in order to work together. Imagine bringing business, policy, science, law, national, local and international organisations together on a topic and applying this? We could break down those silos through applying the theory of what we don’t know in order to solve real issues. So, what don’t you know? That is the power of we.

One thought on “The power of we: What we don’t know…

  1. Love reading your thoughts Em… so much that I don’t know that you do, so much that all of us need to recognise that is beyond us and that it is ok with ask for help and input from others. Systems thinking is so needed, I realise this more and more all the time. Go Em and Go ‘We’!!

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