Letters please

There is something delicious about receiving a personal letter. Something tangible and refreshing; a pleasant surprise (even if said letter contains bad news, the first moments are kind). Putting pen to paper is a dying art and its novelty is what makes it so tasty and sought after these days. Unwrapping the envelope: what treats lay inside? Surprised at a friend’s handwriting (maybe judging it a little), delighted they know your address, noticing the stationary they chose, hearing their voice through what they share and the thought that went into it (there is no delete or cut n paste to save you). The day’s events? A milestone? How the children are doing and just how proud we are of them? Good news? Or those wonderful people that just spill their hearts out: what an asshole he is, how betrayed I feel…

A friend even started a letter writing evening at a cafe to get people more into the art. It is an art, after all. Have a read of some of the greats and their letters. Now you’ll get inspired. A time when it took some time to gather your thoughts, to feel your rhythm, to be focused on what you wanted to write, and it took time to get there (it still does). Composing yourself and composing a letter. Time. Once you see it as an art and your own personal creation, let it take over you. Art. Don’t just write, draw. Don’t just draw, share your thoughts.  This is just between the two of you. And you are not staring at a screen as you read it or write it. How lovely to sit down with a cup of coffee and absorb the news from home when you are abroad. Feel the novelty and choose someone to share this with. Pick up a pen and some paper and get down to business. Feel the joy of giving as much as receiving. Write to someone you love. Write to a teacher that inspired you and tell them. Write to your grandma and share your latest travel stories. Write to your mum and thank her for having you. Write to your friend that just moved and keep in touch.  Just simply write.

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