Graphically facilitating

Zooming along the Dutch and German countryside on a train, all I could think about was icons. In fact I started to iconize everything I saw – horses, transmission lines, bus shelters…. and after two days at the Flexible Platform in Eindhoven where we were trained by Anne Madsen (Drawmorestuff) in how to easily graphically facilitate workshops, meetings and plans, icons became an obsession. A whole new world opened – a bunch of sustainability professionals spending time doodling, playing pictionary, inventing icons, practicising drawing and visually representing complex discussions into simple, clear and decisive pictures. And all by hand. Not a laptop in sight, just good old fashioned markers and paper. I’d had a taste of this with the Art of Hosting team in their trainings in Sweden and was so impressed and inspired I had to have more. Like most people sitting in front of a computer all day drafting documents, the creative and fun part of my brain doesn’t get much of a daily workout, so I jumped at the chance to learn more interesting ways to run projects and meetings. The idea being to sum up discussions in a clear and concise way with the power of story telling and simple icons to assist you, literally keeping track of the bigger picture as you go.

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