Adding to cyber space

It took a while. Years in fact. Now, here you have it… my first blog.

I was hesitant at first – all that information falling into a black hole, no one would read it, I prefer pen and paper, surely there’s enough crap written on the web that I don’t want to be accused of adding to it. That and the old adage of the reality of words once written. I also chose a rather uneventful time of my life to commence my blog: unemployment post my graduate studies (why did I not, I asked myself, start writing when I was traveling through Latin America, or India, or South East Asia? When I had funny stories to write?).

All reasons to start blogging. No fear – no one will read this cos it will fall into a black hole, I can still write in my beloved journal with pen and paper, and of course there is far too much crap written crap out there, which is why I should start writing – writing something that is worth reading. And it’s not to be e-mail style travel blogs, nor facebook status updates. No, I have told myself I will be constructive and write on interesting and timely topics, like those real journalists and bloggers out there…

The true reason of starting a blog is to make me write. To publish. To get out of the journal and into the real world. So often I read articles I could have written better myself, so often I have thoughts I want to share through written word, not spoken. My rationality this evening after a wine and pizza is that if I have a blog then I will make myself write and see it as my space to do so.

This was a blog about a blog.

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